Optical Crystal - Icebergs

Optic Crystal Glaciers Awards

Now in optic crystal, our flawless Glaciers are affordable recognition pieces that are just right for home or office. Please do not confuse our Glaciers with similar items made of standard glass containing bubbles and other imperfections.

Item No. 851
Description Optic Crystal Glaciers Award (Small)

Item No. 852
Description Optic Crystal Glaciers Award (Large)

Engraved Prices (per award)
Item No. Qty 1-5 Qty 6-24 Qty 25-99 Info or Order
851 $90.00 $85.00 $80.00 Email
852 $98.00 $93.00 $88.00 Email

Small Specifications

Large Specifications


Peak Icebergs

Item Code Description Dimensions Engraved
Info or Order
C1030 (right) Peak Iceberg, Clear Edge 3½"H x 4"W x 1¾"D Email Email
C1031 (left) Peak Iceberg, Frosted Edge 3½"H x 4"W x 1¾"D Email Email


Quality packaging is important to an aesthetically pleasing presentation. That is why you’ll find all of our Crystal Blanc Awards boxed in a manner that is commensurate to our quality products.

To find out how your selection will be packed, refer to the packaging reference below the pricing for that item. These boxes are not suitable for reshipping. Please note that items listed as bulk packed are not boxed individually and are packed in bulk cartons with cells separating each item. The following are brief descriptions of our various types of packaging.

Style D

This two-toned gift box features blue and silver laminates highlighted by a square silver button on top. The telescoping lid covers all but the very bottom, while exposing a silver band for a designer look and snug fit. The interior is also lined in blue and silver and is equally luxurious. Please note that some items may require over-wrapping in our decorative honeycomb wrap or tissue. Aesthetically pleasing and extremely sturdy, these boxes will surely be reused by their recipients. Positive comments guaranteed!

Quality Index

Optical crystal of excellent quality. Bubbles and swirls are extremely rare. Highly polished with excellent weight, color and clarity. Dimensions may vary slightly.